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Avon AgLime can provide you with several service options to assist you with your fertilizer program. First, with more than 50 transport units available, we can deliver the volume of liming material you need, to your location quickly. Our fleet of 20 tractor pulled spreaders and self-propelled spreading trucks allow us to handle virtually any acreage. We can provide you with several levels of service dependent on your needs and wishes, and with the size of application equipment appropriate for your farm.

Services Avon AgLime Provides:

  1. Analyze your soil to determine the appropriate application rates.
  2. Lime can be delivered and unloaded at your location.
  3. Lime spreaders can be rented so you can apply the lime we deliver.
  4. Avon AgLime can provide a one call solution including lime, equipment and human resources to complete the application on your acreage.
  5. Avon AgLime can also provide a GPS based system for site specific custom application.
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