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Huls Bros Trucking provides the highest quality trucking services for any cargo type.


Capable of hauling loads up to 25 tons, our End Dump fleet can service all your hauling needs, including, but not limited to: sand, crushed aggregate, rocks, granite, animal waste, construction, agricultural lime, salt, and sugar beet silage.


Offering the ability to dump to both the left and right side, our Side Dump fleet can handle a variety of materials. Side Dumps are ideal for transporting high volume of rubble, concrete, rip rap, and contaminated soil.


Huls Bros Flat Beds are designed for hauling steel, wood, construction equipment, or machinery. Our professional drivers ensure that each load is properly secured to ensure your cargo arrives in perfect condition.


Hauling pallets, equipment, and food grade general freight is no problem in our Dry Vans. Our 53' by 102" trailers offer the ability to haul a large amount of freight in an organized, convenient manner. 


Our Walking Floor Trailers are designed for high-cube, low density material like turkey litter, mulch, wood shavings, etc. Our Walking Floors have some of the highest cubic capacity available in the market.

Aggregate, Lime, and Animal Waste
Transport of Equipment and Building Materials
Demolition Materials, Rock, and Rip Rap
Palletized Products
Custom Spreading of Lime and Animal Waste
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About Huls Bros Trucking

Huls Bros Trucking provides the highest quality trucking services for any cargo type. We utilize our fleet of End Dumps, Side Dumps, Flatbeds, and Dry Vans to deliver your needs….on time….every time.

Member of the Minnesota Trucking Association

Over 30 Years of service


Why Work With Huls Bros Trucking?

Huls Bros trucking has been in the transportation business for over 30 years. We provide our drivers with the best trucks and trailers. We have our own in-house dispatch center and repair shop. Our dedication to training and maintenance results in the best efficiency and productivity in the industry. Our vast customer base enables us to maximize loaded miles and drive higher pay for our drivers