We utilize our fleet of End Dumps, Side Dumps, Flatbeds, Dry Vans, and Walking Floor Trailers to deliver your needs….ON TIME...EVERY TIME.

End Dumps

Our End Dump fleet is capable of delivering up to 26 tons per load. We can service all of your bulk hauling needs including sand, crushed aggregate, rocks, granite, animal waste, lime, salt, and sugar beet silage.

Huls Bros provides End Dump Hauling for many large customers in the Midwest, including Martin Marietta, Jennie O, Cemstone, and the City of Minneapolis Water Treatment Plant.

From granite to animal waste…we deliver it all.

Side Dumps

Our Side Dump fleet offers the ability to dump to both the left and right side, and can handle a variety of materials.  Our Side Dumps are ideal for transporting high volume of rubble, concrete, rip rap, and contaminated soil. Huls Bros Side Dumps are equipped with Electric Tarps to ensure the fastest, most efficient unloading and service.

Flat Beds

Huls Bros Flat Beds are designed for hauling steel, wood, construction equipment, or machinery.

Our professional drivers ensure that each load is properly secured to ensure your cargo arrives in perfect condition.

Dry Vans

Hauling pallets, equipment, and food grade general freight is no problem in our Dry Vans. Our 53′ by 102″ trailers offer the ability to haul a large amount of freight in an organized, convenient manner. 

Walking Floor Trailers

Our Walking Floor Trailers are designed for high-cube, low density material like turkey litter, mulch, wood shavings, etc.  Our Walking Floors have some of the highest cubic capacity available in the market.  Call today for a quote!


Agricultural Spreading and Equipment

Whether you want to rent a spreader or hire us for full service custom spreading, we have the equipment and experts for all your agricultural needs.


Member of the Minnesota Trucking Association